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(UPDATE: 11/22/10 Great news! Banjo was adopted today!!)

Beautiful Banjo is one of 35 lucky dogs rescued from an “alleged” puppy mill in North Dakota by the ASPCA and transported to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. You can read about the rescue operation here.

Is it my imagination or do Banjo and his handler share a resemblance?

Banjo of the soulful countenance is a neutered, two-year-old purebred Treeing Walker Coonhound. That’s right. A Treeing Walker Coonhound! An awesome name for an awesome breed that’s intelligent, loves (and needs) exercise, and adores people.

Despite Banjo’s rough start in life, he’s progressed really well since arriving at HSBV and working with their trainers twice a day. True to his breed, he’s slowly gaining confidence in himself, and learning to trust and understand that good things come from people. Banjo, also true to his breed, is friendly with other dogs.

Banjo is a special boy who needs a special forever family that is willing to continue working with him to build his self-assurance and trust in people. If that’s you, you won’t be on your own. The HSBV Training and Behavior Center will provide complimentary support in order to ease Banjo’s transition into your home and his new life.

HSBV is taking great care of Banjo while he’s waiting for his forever family to adopt him. Their veterinarians surgically repaired Bajo’s lower eyelid for a condition called entropion. His prognosis is good, but he still has sutures in the lower eyelids that need to be removed under sedation. This can be performed at the veterinary clinic associated with the Humane Society of Boulder Valley at no cost to his adopter. These sutures need to be removed on 11/29/09. Also, BVHS is treating Banjo for an ear infection. They don’t not know if he’s had ear infections in the past, so he might be prone to them in the future. But, that’s not a big deal so long as his new people keep his ears clean, which is pretty much all there is to grooming Mr. Banjo. Well, that and a nice brushing occasionally, and, of course, toenail trimming.

If you are interested in this sweet dog please call 303-442-4030 during HSBV regular shelter hours to speak to an animal welfare associate.

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7 Responses to “Adopt this Awesomely Adoptable Dog: Banjo!”

  1. Pamela says:

    While Banjo is a bit far for me to considering adopting him, I’d love to give a “plug” for hound dogs.

    All their intelligence is in their nose. And after years of having GSD and shepherd mixes, having a hound mix added a real slow energy to the house. It was really kinda nice.

    Sometimes it’s just great to have a dog that can’t outsmart you and will just be their sweet doggy self.

    I hope Banjo finds a great forever home. Your write-up kept me reading!

    • Pamela thank you so much. I don’t know anything about hound dogs so I really appreciate you putting in a good word. :-)

    • Paula says:

      I second that! We adopted a T.W. Coonhound mix from Boulder Humane in June, and she is the sweetest dog ever. She loves absolutely everyone, canine, feline, and human. Lots of energy in this one, but a good measure of cuddly friend, too. And she is such a happy dog! The wagging tail is only the beginning; much of the time the whole dog wags. Our girl does fine without any runners in the house as long as she gets to the dog park every week or so. Banjo could be a good choice for some of you Boulder runners, though, these pups are fast and smooth and love to run!

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  3. Melf says:

    I wish I could take him. I’m a sucker for puppy mill and hound dogs.
    I hope that someone special will give him a home and will know that it will take time for Banjo to be the loving dog that is inside him. It is SO worth the journey. Believe me.

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