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Deborah Flick
Hi there. My name is Deborah Flick and Sadie is my adolescent chocolate standard poodle. She’s 2 years old, shy, afraid of new people and things, and very sweet. She’s my teacher, and everyday, it seems, she challenges me with a new lesson plan. I must be a slow learner because Sadie insists that we cover previous lessons, practicing patience, for example, over and over. At this point I don’t see graduating from Sadie’s School for Hapless Humans anytime soon. But that’s okay. I’ll happily sit at the paws of the master for as long as it takes. Much easier was earning my Ph.D. in communication from the University of Colorado, Boulder. My professional background is in communication and diversity. You can find out about that at www.deborahflick.com. This blog is all about what Sadie is teaching me.

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