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I just returned home from BlogPaws 2010 and I’m exhausted–in a good way. I was hoping to blog from the conference, but the best I could do was eke out some tweets. Every minute was jam-packed. Before I collapse into bed, though, I just have to tell you how moving and inspiring it was to be at Blog Paws, surrounded by over 250(!) animal loving bloggers. 

First, though, if you don’t know about BlogPaws 2010, the first annual conference for pet bloggers, go here and here to learn more. Also, try this link on Twitter (#blogpaws) to catch up on all the latest news from the conference.

So much happened, I haven’t even begun to digest it all. But, this message stands out: “Be the Change You Want to See”. That was the name of one of the panels, but for me it captures the spirit of the entire conference, namely, bloggers can make a huge difference in the lives of animals around the world. We just need to “do it.” Bloggers are joining forces in creative and joyful ways to raise lots of money for animal rescues and charities internationally.

That’s what the “Be the Change” panel was all about. It was moderated by Jane Harrell, Petfinder.com and members of the panel included: Dorain Wagner, Your Daily Cute, Jessica Vogelsang, DVM, Pawcurious, and Lynn Haigh (aka @frugaldoudal) and CDO of PawPawty.com. At the end of the panel Lynn showed her Shorty nominated video, “Be the Change” —-featuring—-drum roll please…

Petfinder.com (@petfinder), Pawcurious.com (@pawcurious), YourDailyCute.com (@YourDailyCute), PawPawty.com (@frugaldougal), @babypatches, @cosmohavanese, @bunnyjeancook, @BrewskieButt, @georgetheduck, @perrythebirman, Romeothecat.com, @fergusthedog, @sylviedog, @mizzbassie, @javathecat, @petiethecat, @Loupeb, @caplinrous.

I hope I didn’t miss anyone! 

Just so you know, my trip to BlogPaws 2010 was sponsored by Pedigree Adoption Drive for Dogs. The Pedigree Adoption Drive also has a huge Facebook fan page. Want to feed a dog? Just become a fan. Click on this:


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7 Responses to “BlogPaws 2010: Pawsitively Pawsome”

  1. Deb, we were so happy to have you there! All of us are still flying high – the pet blog community was and is outstanding. Thank you so much for your support. We love you! (much thanks to Pedigree for sponsoring you!)

  2. Hi Yvonne
    Aww…you’re sweet. Thank you. And, thank you so much for a great conference and for suggesting me to Pedigree. I love Blog Paws!

  3. […] this because we have evolved into a community that values relationships and understands that the unspoken word is as powerful as the practised dissertation. We adopt the language of love in a glance, a meow, a bark, […]

  4. I think it will take me ages to recover. :o)

  5. BrewskieButt says:

    Hehe…Ya misspelled my name, but I will give ya a break since yer a human. It’s @BrewskieButt, or as most call me, the Brew!

    Just meowin’.

  6. Oh, BrewskieButt, I am so sorry! Please accept my apawlogy. The error has been corrected :-)

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